Lifting and mounting

Combat is a battery-powered vacuum lifter for horizontal lifting and transport of stone, granite, concrete and steel slabs with a lifting capacity of 500 kg.

Combat is suspended by means of a lifting shackle fitted in the lifting eye. It can be fitted to all construction plant machinery with sufficient lifting capacity.

  • Easy installation using lifting straps
  • Guaranteed to be a safe Danish product
  • Safe handling
  • Dependable and reliable

Battery with saving function

Combat has no cables and hoses, it is powered by a 12V battery, has a battery-saving feature and automatic start/stop (pressure sensor).

The battery can be recharged using the included 220 V battery charger. The vacuum is controlled by an ON/OFF gate valve on the unit and the suction/release function is controlled via the same gate valve.

Sealed vacuum system

Supplied with a completely sealed vacuum system.

This prevents loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure, and it also has a vacuum gauge, and visual and acoustic alarms for low vacuum.

See the machine at work


Model overview ALVAC COMBAT
Battery 12 V
Lifting capacity 500 kg
Pump capacity at 0 mbar 55,8 l/min
Max. vacuum -0.70 bar
Lifting eye ø35 mm
Dimensions L400 x B506 x H485 mm
Tare 29 kg

Accessories for ALVAC COMBAT: