COSMO 2000

Lifting and mounting

ALVAC Cosmo 2000 is a compact and handy vacuum lifter. Mounted on backhoes and other hydraulic machinery shovel attachments for lifting and laying large and small loads up to 2000 kg.

Cosmo 2000 is unique in that the sucker and load can turned indefinitely in both directions from the driver’s cab.

  • CE approved
  • Safe handling
  • Easy installation using lifting straps
  • Guaranteed to be a safe Danish product
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Hydraulically-powered vacuum pump

Cat’s Paw makes suction easy

ALVAC Cosmo 2000 is equipped with a “cat’s paw”, which makes it easy to apply suction to, for example, tiles, regardless of where and how they are positioned.

The “cats paw” also absorbs bumps and shocks resulting from misuse and reduces wear on the excavation arm, suction cups and load.

Sealed vacuum system

ALVAC Cosmo 2000 is connected to the construction machine’s hydraulic socket using 1/2″ RG quick connectors for operation of the vacuum pump.

A 12 V outlet for the connection of the remote control enables turning/adjustment/rotation of the suction cup 360o with its load.

Excl. suction cup This is defined by the specific needs for the equipment

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Model overview COSMO 2000
Lifting capacity 2000 kg
Tare 70 kg
Dimensions L530 x B410 x H750 mm
Suction cup 360 graders rotation