Lift and precision pickup/release

ALVAC Handy Jet is a petrol-fuelled vacuum lifter with a max. lifting capacity of 1000 kg.

Recommended for contractors, landscapers, local authorities and others in the construction industry.

Ideal for fast and precision lifting/laying of tiles, concrete curbstones and large loads, such as steps, steel plates, etc.

  • Honda engine
  • CE approved
  • Easy installation using lifting straps
  • Guaranteed to be a safe Danish product
  • Safe handling
  • Dependable and reliable
  • No connection needed to hydraulics or electricity

Fitting Handy Jet

ALVAC Handy Jet is suspended using a shackle fitted in the lifting eye on all construction machinery, such as mini excavators, backhoes or lorry cranes with sufficient lifting capacity.

The machine is only intended for outdoor use.

Rechargeable battery

ALVAC Handy Jet has no cables or hoses – powered by a Honda petrol engine. Fuel tank with capacity for several hours of use and with audible and visual alarm with 12 V rechargeable battery.

See the machine at work


Model overview HANDY JET
Lifting capacity 1000 kg
Max. vacuum -0,8 bar
Engine rating 3,0 HK
Noise level › 70 dB(A)
Suspension eye 35 x 15 mm
Dimensions L420 x B800 x H950 mm
Tare 75 kg