Lifting and mounting

Handyman Super is a battery-powered vacuum lifter for horizontal lifting and transport of stone, granite, concrete and steel slabs with a lifting capacity of 160 kg.

Handyman Super is suspended using a lifting shackle fitted in the lifting eye. It can be fitted to construction plant machinery with sufficient lifting capacity.

  • Easy installation using lifting straps
  • Guaranteeing a safe
  • Danish product
  • Safe handling
  • Dependable and reliable
  • Battery with saving function

Handyman Super has no cables and hoses, it is powered by a 12V battery, has a battery-saving feature and automatic start/stop (pressure sensor).

The battery can be recharged with the 220V battery charger that is included.

Sealed vacuum system

Supplied with a completely sealed vacuum system.

This prevents loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure, and it also has a vacuum gauge, and visual and acoustic alarms for low vacuum.

Excl. suction cup, as this is defined by the specific need. See accessories at the bottom of the page

See the machine at work


Model overview HANDYMAN SUPER
Battery 12 V
Lifting capacity 160 kg
Pump capacity at 0 mbar 32,5 l/min
Max Vacuum -0.70 bar
Lifting eye ø35 mm
Dimensions L300 x B200 x H400 mm
Tare 14 kg