Battery powered and independent

ALVAC Mantis, including Handyman Super, is a complete mobile vacuum lifter that is ideal for repair work.

ALVAC Mantis Complete is battery operated and thus completely independent.

  • CE approved
  • Dependable and reliable
  • No connection needed to hydraulics or electricity
  • Guaranteed to be a safe Danish product
  • Safe handling of heavy items
  • Great flexibility with the rapid replacement of different suction cups

Easy to carry

ALVAC Mantis is collapsible and fits easily in the back of a small van.

Mantis allows a person weighing 80 kg to lift a 120 kg heavy curbstone with ease.

Mechanical gripping tool

ALVAC Mantis can be equipped with the mechanical gripping tool Pony Mega 4. This is a flexible and easy to operate tool for handling e.g. curbstones.

The mechanical gripping tool can be rotated 360o, making the tool even more flexible. It grips simply and effectively.

See the machine at work


Model overview MANTIS
Lifting capacity 160 kg
Lift height 750 mm